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Warmer Winter Appeal 2023

Last year your generosity meant we could provide more than 500 emergency fuel vouchers to people in hardship, alongside emergency food. This winter looks set to be difficult for many - can you help?

At Wandsworth Foodbank, we’re meeting people and families at the sharpest end of the cost of living crisis who can’t afford to top-up their gas and electricity prepayment meters – leaving them at risk of going without enough warmth, light and hot water this winter. One mother, who is a single parent and is disabled, told us:

“Sometimes I haven’t been able to put the gas on because it’s costing so much. It cost me £40 a week to have it on. For me, it’s a lot of money because obviously I can buy other stuff with that for my daughter. So unless it’s really cold, we won’t have it on.”

Two-thirds of people referred to us in hardship have a long-term health condition or disability, like this mother, and are on a very low income that doesn’t cover the cost of essentials. Children are particularly vulnerable in cold and damp homes; and around 1 in 3 emergency food parcels we provide are for children.

But you can help. If you don’t need (all of) your winter fuel allowance this year – or if you, your business or church would simply like to make a financial donation – you can donate now to our Warmer Winter appeal.

We’ll convert donations into £49 fuel prepayment vouchers and issue them directly to local people and families referred in severe hardship to Wandsworth Foodbank, in partnership with Thinking Works (a local not-for-profit company).

These vouchers will enable people and families to top up their prepayment meters, ensuring they can cook the food we provide, have enough light and hot water, and put the heating on on the coldest days.

Last year’s appeal helped us provide more than 500 emergency fuel vouchers to local people referred to the food bank in hardship, and made a real difference.

Thank you so much.

PS: There is an approx £4.20 charge per £49 voucher from the company that issues prepayment vouchers to Thinking Works.

If more money is donated to this campaign than is needed in fuel vouchers through the winter, Wandsworth Foodbank will use any extra to continue to provide emergency food, support and advice to local people.

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