As a society, we believe in justice and compassion, and protecting each other from harm. But right now many people in Wandsworth Borough are locked in poverty, including one in three children.

But food banks are not a solution to poverty.

This is why every year we report what we’re seeing locally – the drivers and impacts of household food insecurity and food bank use – and suggest some actions we think would better anchor local people from being swept into poverty and hunger, and would move us closer to no longer needing to exist.


2019 Full Report: Poverty and Food Insecurity   |  Summary



2018 Full Report: ‘Poverty, Hunger & Social [In]security’

2017 Full Report  |  Summary

2016 Full Report  |  4-page Summary   |   Infographic Summary

2015 Full Report  |  Summary

2014 Full Report  | Summary


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