As a society, we believe in justice and compassion, and protecting each other from harm. But right now many people in Wandsworth Borough are living in poverty, including one in three children.

But food banks are not a solution to poverty.

That’s why we regularly report what we’re seeing locally and call for changes that we believe could better anchor local people from being swept into poverty and hunger – and reduce and then end the need for food banks like ours.


A Time of Crisis – our new 2022 report is out now. It is a snapshot of our 2021/22 local food bank research report (to be published in early summer).

This interim report reveals continued high levels of need for emergency food aid across Wandsworth Borough, and looks at what is causing local people and families to need to use our food bank to meet their basic needs.

View the infographic report here.




Our 2020 report: Covid-19: A View from the Foodbank, takes a quick look back at what we’ve been seeing across Wandsworth during the pandemic.

The information in this short report comes from interviews with 93 households who’d to use Wandsworth Foodbank during the pandemic; an online survey completed by 121 referral agencies (60% of which were statutory services); and data from 1,994 Foodbank voucher referrals received during March-July 2020.





2019 Full Report: Poverty and Food Insecurity  |  Summary

Our 2019 report looking at food bank use across Wandsworth Borough during 2018/19. During this year, statutory services made two-thirds of all referrals (64%), indicating that the food bank has now become an integral part of the social safety net – even though this was never the intention.






2018 Full Report: ‘Poverty, Hunger & Social [In]security’

2017 Full Report  |  Summary

2016 Full Report  |  4-page Summary   |   Infographic Summary

2015 Full Report  |  Summary

2014 Full Report  | Summary


If you have any questions or comments on our research and advocacy work please get in touch with Sarah Chapman, our Policy and Communications Manager.