Coconuts (and other unexpected blessings)

9th December 2020

This week has been full of unexpected but completely on-time blessings.

Lovely fruit juice from Pip Organic, just as we’re running low on juice.

Lemons and other fruit and veg from Fareshare (we needed a lemon to go with a science kit for an 8-year-old child). Not our standard ask, but important for the 8-year-old and for science.

And most randomly but wonderfully, a couple of coconuts, which we delivered yesterday to someone referred to us in hardship.

When we phone people to arrange delivery, people usually say ‘I’m just really happy with anything’. And we say ‘But is there anything you’d really need or like?’ And one gentleman said a coconut, thinking that would be impossible. But not this week!

So grateful as always to individuals, businesses, schools and churches and community groups who are sharing what they have generously with others.

If you’d like to find out what we most need at the moment for people in our community, we regularly update our most wanted food and essentials list.

Thank you.

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