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Foodbank Advice Project

Our Foodbank Advice Project offers expert and kind advice and support to people referred to us in hardship

Many people referred to us in hardship aren’t receiving support and advice to resolve issues that are causing hardship, for instance problem debt or difficulties accessing benefits to which they’re entitled.

That’s why we’re so glad to be able to offer expert and kind advice and support to food bank guests through our Foodbank Advice Project, which we’ve run in partnership with Citizens Advice Wandsworth since 2015.

During 2023-24 our Foodbank advisers supported 575 people who had to use our food bank during the year, with an average, vital income gain of £1,281 per person. Nine in ten (93%) clients surveyed said that the Foodbank Advice Project had helped to reduce stress and worry, and half said that its support had helped reduce their need for emergency food aid.

Being able to offer longer-term support to resolve financial difficulties as much as possible, alongside immediate food help, is key to what we do – and is appreciated by local people we help and agencies referring to us.

“Wandsworth Foodbank is a welcoming non-judgmental space with access to extended targeted support to help minimise needs ongoing, allowing people to feel hopeful about a future without poverty and shame.” – Foodbank referrer


“Without the food bank and food bank advice project, I wouldn’t have been able to handle the pressure of what is happening. I’m so grateful I’m being helped, because I was stuck and now I feel like I’m getting support to sort out these problems. Thanks to your support, I feel not alone anymore. You give me strength and hope that my horrible situation may be improved: that there is hope for me and my daughter.” – Local mother

Part of our Foodbank Advice Project involves training our volunteers in Advice First Aid, so they’re equipped to help people find further support and advice, as well as providing emergency food and household essentials.

Together we’re committed to doing everything we can to help stop hardship and hunger in our community.

We are really grateful to Henry Smith Foundation, Trussell Trust and the Wimbledon Foundation for funding the Foodbank Advice Project. 



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