Warmer Winter appeal update: “It made a massive difference to our family”

13th March 2024

It’s been brilliant to be able to offer people and families extra help with prepay fuel vouchers this winter, thanks to everyone who donated our our Warmer Winter appeal this year.

You gave an amazing £15,000 (including Gift Aid), and we’ve provided more than 300 £49 emergency fuel vouchers to people referred to us in hardship.

One local mum, who is single and is a carer for one of her children, told us what the difference your generosity has made to her:

I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who’s donated. It made a massive difference to our family with the electricity and the heating.


Because we’re in a situation where I’m a carer for my child and I’m not able to go and work a proper full time job, we’ve been struggling to make ends meet. Just knowing that help with food and fuel vouchers is there takes a different level of stress off my shoulders.


Before I’d be like, okay, we’ve got no electricity, what do we do? Where can we cut back on things even more? Can I go without a meal this evening?


But I was referred to the food bank, and you guys asked do you have enough electricity? The food bank put the safety net in before there was no heating or electricity at all, and that’s really nice.


I think also when you’re at the food bank, I don’t know for everybody, but for me it’s taken a long time to not feel a level of shame. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t provide for my family. I just wanted to get in and get out.


But while they were going through what food my family needed and then it was being packed, they asked me what else we might need. So we sorted out the gas and electricity at the same time, which was great, and got some Easter eggs and nice bath cream.


You guys at the food bank are always thinking about us. It really makes a difference. It has a good effect on your mental health.

There are just two weeks left to donate to this year’s Warmer Winter appeal, so please give today if you’d like to and are able to. Thank you!

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