Making cotton face masks

3rd June 2020

A lovely lady dropped off some beautifully made face masks for us to put in the food parcels for our guests just at the time we had called for any keen sewers who might liked to make some.

Why not try making some cotton face masks for yourselves and for us to put in the guest food parcels, along with an encouragement card.

There are several tutorials on YouTube but these seems to be good and can be either hand stitch or machine stitched.

Please be aware that these face masks are not meant to replace the surgical face mask and may not fully protect you from catching the virus but they do help as a basic barrier.

A simple pattern

(click image to go to YouTube tutorial):

A pattern with 4 different sizes.

Note: you have to scroll a fair way down the page.

Some tips:

  • Use 2 pieces of cotton fabric (not flimsy thin cotton).
  • The peaked nose design may be better to cover your face and more comfortable.
  • When attaching the elastic don’t attach it right at the edges, bring it in 1/4 inch so it will sit flat against your face.
  • Use thin elastic otherwise it won’t be as comfortable
    • you could also try thin elastic head bands,
    • Cut up some old Lycra or T-shirt material with a little stretch in and make longer ties around the back of the head.
  • To buy any materials you need, Wimbledon Sewing shop (based in Tooting Bec) is doing a click and collect service. Otherwise you could try Hobbycraft for delivery?
  • For filters to go inside the material you can use an air-dried piece of the anti-bacteria wet wipe or a piece of grease-proof or waxed paper. Remember to throw away the filter correctly and wash the face mask every day.
  • If you want to put a metal bridge over the nose for a safer fit  (make sure it’s not one that will rust from washing), there are a few options you can try (speed through to 13:56 mins on this video:

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