Food bank stories

Maya’s story

‘I had experienced domestic violence in [an EU country]. I was fired just before the first lockdown and was left with a child to take care of and a flat to pay for, so in September 2020 I came to London. Due to Covid they were not issuing national insurance numbers. Because I had run out of money to rent a room and it was difficult to find a job, I was on the verge of being homeless.

‘The food bank made such a difference – it was the only support I had all year. I received food parcels for four months. Thanks to the Foodbank Advice Project I also had all the information about doing my paperwork, where to make appointments. I’ve always felt like they were a phone call away for any situation.

As told to Kim Thomas, The Guardian in ‘I wouldn’t have survived without it’: seven people on how food banks have supported them.

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